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Nicole Pellegrino


Hi there! For those of you who are new here, I am Nicole Pellegrino, owner of Pellegrino’s Salon & Suite. Back in January 2021 I took a scary jump and decided to buy a salon alongside my husband!

I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008. I knew at a young age the beauty industry was where my heart was. I am a Wife, mother to 3 beautiful kids and now a Salon Owner.

Hair has always been my passion. Although many times I have been discouraged or felt lost in this industry, somehow I always found a way to pick myself up and keep going. I love everything about hair. I am a people person! I enjoy getting to know every one of my clients and sharing our life stories together.

When I am not working my life is revolved around my family. My husband and I both come from two very large families so most weekends we are at a family event.

Although I am still very new to the “Business” world of owning a salon, I am loving everything about it. My team is amazing and I am proud to have such a strong group of women working with me.


Nicole Pellegrino
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